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Tactical Procrastinating for Small Business Owners

Small Business Tactics - Productive Procrastination

Small Business Tactics – Procrastination with Purpose So, here I am writing a blog when I have far more pressing work to do. It’s procrastination; there is no doubt about it. The work on my list for today is keyword research (like SEO admin) and month to month admin. 100% avoidance tactic right here. On …
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Small Business Tips: Document Management

Small Business Tips

This is part of our Small Business Tips series.  Setting up a start-up business filing system is a guest blog by professional Brisbane Document Management Consultant,  Michael Crook. Filing, let’s face it not that many people like it. It takes time, it’s is boring and oh, it is boring. Setting up your start-up business filing …
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LSI Keywords –What Does Latent Semantic Indexing Mean?

Latent Semantic Indexing What is LSI Keywords

What Does Latent Semantic Indexing Mean? Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI Keywords are words that search engines use to verify the quality of your content. Latent Semantic Indexing is essentially how search engines understand language. Language is too complex for computers to actually understand so instead, a mathematical equation is applied to determine which words …
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Blog and Facebook Content Creation Ideas

Content creation ideas

Stuck for blog content? Is your Facebook content all too ho-hum? Here’s some tips for strategic content creation – even when your inspiration is low! First, What You Need to know about Content Creation One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients (and one of the big reasons we sell so many blog entries …
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How to become a wholesaler of baby stuff….

Facebook Marketing and Business Ideas - how to thrive in a crowded marketplace

How to become a wholesaler of baby stuff….or how not to! This is a guest post by Salena Knight of Sydney Baby Boutiques, Flower Child. Sal sources original, lovely baby items for their two Sydney locations and their online store.  This guest blog remains one of our MOST SHARED EVER.  It’s a practical guide to …
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Content Marketing Ideas – White Papers and eBooks

ebooks and White papers for content marketing purposes

What are white papers and ebooks? White papers and eBooks are co-written with you to help you demonstrate your expertise in your given field. A white paper is a document that deeply explores an issue or practice in your industry. An eBook is a broader guide, often with practical instructions and pictorial illustrations. This content …
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How to get to the top 3 in search results

Top 3 search results

How to get to the top 3 – when you’re stuck in page 1 hell! So, you’ve reached the first goal, you’re now on page 1. You’re in slot 4 or 6 or 8 or somewhere outside those first three magic slots. Next you need to figure out how to get to to the top …
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Content Marketing Brisbane

Content Marketing - the buzz word explained

Content Marketing – Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz word of 2016 Content Marketing is what we do in fact, we were doing content marketing in Brisbane before anyone else.  It’s similar to traditional SEO backlinking except that it’s the exact opposite. If both were cars, Content Marketing would be the Rolls Royce and SEO, the 1987 Datsun with a …
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4 Quick but Good Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing

Outsource Content Marketing Brisbane

Content Marketing is the New SEO – Don’t Muck It Up! There are lots of good reasons to outsource your content marketing, but more importantly there are VERY good reasons to outsource it well. Content Marketing takes the place of some of your core SEO activities. It stands to reason that Google will start penalising …
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Why do I need to update my site regularly?

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

Have you got a question about Online Marketing? Shoot it through to us via our contact page and we’ll endeavour to blog about it soon! “Do I need to update my site regularly?” From Vince. Where you rank is determined by over 200 “indicators”, each with different weight and rules – all only known really, …
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