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Licence Vs License – One Minute Grammar Lessons

Licence vs License - quick grammar lessons

Licence Vs License Licence Vs License is another example of homonyms that confuse writers.  Licence verses License is next in our one minute grammar lesson series.  Below you’ll find helpful hints and tips for using and remembering this grammar gremlin! Licence is a noun. It is the formal approval from a particular body to be …
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Practice Vs Practise – One Minute Grammar Lessons

Practice Vs Practise Grammar

Practice Vs Practise Here’s another one minute guide to improving your grammar. Practice Vs Practise is a very common grammar question – so we’ve put together a one minute guide to understanding and remembering when to use each word. Practice is a noun. Practice is the word we use to describe the repetition of an activity …
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The Definitive Checklist for Choosing a Digital Agency Partner

Digital Partner Agencies

What to look for in a digital agency partner (illustrated with naff stock photos!) If you’re a traditional media or marketing agency looking to partner with a digital provider, you may lack the digital knowledge to evaluate their effectiveness. It’s a digital jungle out there and there and there are a lot of snakes! Choosing a …
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5 Web Design Fails for On Page Optimisation

On page Optimisation Fails for Web Design

So you do terrific web design. Your websites are beautiful and immersive and exciting – they grab your clients by the eye balls and delight them. But what about Search Engines? Do you suffer from “designer disease”? Web design for on page optimisation is about cleverly and creatively making room for all those on-page SEO …
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Website Keywords – One Minute Read

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

What are my website keywords? Your website keywords are the search engine results you’d like your site to appear in. For example, if you sell hamsters in Hyde Park, you’d probably like your site to appear when someone Googles “pet stores Hyde Park”, “hamster breeders Sydney” and “buy hamsters online”. These would be your keywords. …
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Industry Rates for Freelance Web Content Writers and Freelance Copywriters

freelance writer in brisbane

Freelance Writer Rates – What’s the Real Cost of a Freelance Writer or Copywriter? The industry rates for freelance web content writers and freelance copywriters vary widely depending on what you’re after and where you find them. Using a freelance writer found on a freelancing website may seem like a good, affordable idea but you …
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Long Tail Keywords – Quick Answer

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

What are long tail keywords? Long tail keywords are website keywords with three or more words.   They’re made up of a head keyword and then describers that specify one aspect of the head keyword. They tend to be the main keyword for the industry with an adjective based tail: For example: Restaurant Sydney East …
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Promote Your Business For Free – DIY Public Relations

Small Business tips

This post is part of our Small Business Tips series where we invite experts from the Talk About team and from all over Australia to share insights for small business people.  This is a blog by Lisa Boyle, a publicist with 15 years experience. How to Promote Your Business For Free – Be Your Own …
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Copywriter Training in Brisbane

Copywriting Training in Brisbane

Looking for a copywriter in Brisbane?  Click here. Looking for in-house training in Brisbane or South East Queensland?  Click here. Copywriting Training Options A copywriter is a person who writes for commercial purposes. Copywriters write advertisements, website text, sales brochures, email marketing and the like.  Traditionally copywriters were “Ad Men” but these days there are …
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Duplicate Content – How to Find it With a Plagiarism Checker

Find duplicate content

How to Check for Duplicate Content with a Plagiarism Checker Duplicate content is content that already exists in a search engine’s index. At best, the duplicate content will simply be awarded no SEO weight (publish too much and you could face penalties) but at worst, you could be guilty of plagiarism or other intellectual property …
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