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Infographics and Memes for Business Marketing

Meme and infographic design

Question:  How do I use Meme and Infographic Design to Market my Business? Answer: By being relevant Infographics are a sharable picture that explains a concept visually.  Infographic design has become the bread and butter of the graphic design industry.  Memes are an image designed to “go viral” on social channels or via email. These …
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Product Reviews and Guest Blogs for Business Marketing

Guest Blogging

Question: Should I Use Product Review Writers and Guest Blogs to Market My Business? Answer: Yes, But Which One? Guest blogs and product reviews are where your content appears on other people’s sites.  Our writers will create a guest blog that is valuable to both you and the publisher.   Product Reviews are where you …
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Eight Simple Rules for Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Rules

Question:  What Do I Need To Know Before I Start Guest Blogging? Answer: You’re Only As Good As Your Content So, you want to get yourself some high-quality-low-risk-stick-around-and-grow type links and you’ve heard guest blogging is the way to go.  You’re correct.  It’s awesome.  You’ve signed up to My Blog Guest and Blogger Link Up, …
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Multimedia Content for Business Marketing

Content Marketing Writers

Question: What is Rich Media and Multimedia Content Marketing? Answer: SEO friendly, user friendly content Multimedia content marketing is about leveraging all kinds of formats to attract visitors to your site.  This includes images, video, text, audio, animations, quizzies – whatever you can use to make your site more enjoyable and appealing to users. Rich media …
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10 Ways Our Content Writing Services Will Change Your Life

Content Marketing Writers

Question: How can Content Change My Life? Answer: It can fix ten of your most annoying problems! Our content writing services Solve everything! Maybe not hunger or war or anything profound but our content writers can help fix 10 of your current problems. Here’s how!  1. Your website is new and not ranking  Google gives new …
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Facebook Comments – Get More NOW!

Social Media marketing