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Content Creation: Small Business Tips

Small Business Tips

Content Creation: 5 Small Business Tips for Creating Content that Works Content Marketing is all about adding value for your customers by skilful, informative, useful content creation. Content creation can be as simple as writing a quick blog article about one of the benefits of your product or can be as complex as a full …
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Choosing Search Engine Optimisation Services

SEO Packages Explained

Choosing Search Engine Optimisation Services That Don’t Suck. The professional search engine optimisation (aka optimization) industry is mostly made up of SEO web developers, copywriters like us and off page SEOs. When most people talk about hiring an SEO, it’s the last one.  These are the guys who ‘build links” to your site. It’s kind …
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Create a Chrome App in just 20 minutes & for $5

how to create a Chrome App in 20 minutes - step by step instructions

Creating a Chrome App for your business is quite literally as easy as pie. The recipe is simple and you don’t need mad chef skills to do it just right, in fact, like puff pastry fresh from the freezer, you can pick up the hard stuff and then just work your magic. So what’s the …
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Uploading Content

Upload content to your CMS for big SEO benefits

Uploading Content: 5 Things You Should Be Doing Right If you’re uploading your own content, you may be skipping a step or two that could be detrimental to your website’s performance. A few basic changes to how you upload content in your CMS can make a massive difference to how many visitors you get to …
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Content Marketing Ideas – White Papers and eBooks

ebooks and White papers for content marketing purposes

What are white papers and ebooks? White papers and eBooks are co-written with you to help you demonstrate your expertise in your given field. A white paper is a document that deeply explores an issue or practice in your industry. An eBook is a broader guide, often with practical instructions and pictorial illustrations. This content …
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4 Quick but Good Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing

Outsource Content Marketing Brisbane

Content Marketing is the New SEO – Don’t Muck It Up! There are lots of good reasons to outsource your content marketing, but more importantly there are VERY good reasons to outsource it well. Content Marketing takes the place of some of your core SEO activities. It stands to reason that Google will start penalising …
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10 Common Small Biz Online Marketing Problems – and How To Fix Them

social media networking faux pas

10 Ways Quality Content can Fix Your Online Marketing Problems! Content Solves Everything! Here’s 10 common online marketing problems and 10 ways to fix them with content! Your website is new and not ranking Google gives new websites a bit of a “Honeymoon” treatment if they’re launched right. Getting this treatment to kick in can …
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Online Marketing Insights

Insights for Online Marketing 2014

There’s a whole lot of reflection going on right now. Facebook is filled to the gills with inspirational messages, trips down memory lane and pictures of “the year that was” (mostly featuring Grumpy Cat). In addition to my Earth shatteringly profound ideas (*cough*) from July I have gathered a few new (well new to me) …
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Digital Share Cropping Explained

Digital Share Cropping Explained

Digital Share Cropping is where you put your heart and soul into producing amazing content for someone else. For example, you create amazing Facebook content that benefits mostly Facebook…with a trickle down effect to your own brand. Similarly, if you host your blog at or at Blogger, you’re working hard to make their sites …
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What do I do if my small business’s competitor is a jerk?

Small Business Competitor is a jerk - competitors who undercut prices, target your branding and are social jerks

What do I do if my small business competitor is a price-undercutting, social media jerk? Feel free to share this on your social pages if your business has a jerk competitor! I have a lovely, savvy, credible, ethical client who has built her little Brisbane business from a handmade hobby to a wholesaling little powerhouse. …
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