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Blogger Outreach Failing? Here’s Why.

Why Blogger Outreach Fails - how to do better outreach to bloggers

Contribution by professional blogger Eva Lewis  ‘Hi. I love your post about smelly nappies. I am passionate about food. Could you do a sponsored post for us?’ It’s pretty obvious what’s wrong with this email and unfortunately this is an excerpt from an actual blogger outreach email that was sent to an Australian blogger. Bloggers are …
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Licence Vs License – One Minute Grammar Lessons

Licence vs License - quick grammar lessons

Licence Vs License Licence Vs License is another example of homonyms that confuse writers.  Licence verses License is next in our one minute grammar lesson series.  Below you’ll find helpful hints and tips for using and remembering this grammar gremlin! Licence is a noun. It is the formal approval from a particular body to be …
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Practice Vs Practise – One Minute Grammar Lessons

Practice Vs Practise Grammar

Practice Vs Practise Here’s another one minute guide to improving your grammar. Practice Vs Practise is a very common grammar question – so we’ve put together a one minute guide to understanding and remembering when to use each word. Practice is a noun. Practice is the word we use to describe the repetition of an activity …
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7 Easy Ways to Use Your Business Blog for Networking.

Using your business blog to network

Contribution by professional blogger Eva Lewis  Do you have a business website with an empty blog page or a business blog that hasn’t had any new content in months? You may not realize it, but by dedicating some serious focus towards your business blog, your business networking efforts can be made much easier and even more …
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Explain Content Marketing to Me Like I’m a Five Year Old!

Explain content marketing to me like I was a five year old

Content Marketing, like SEO it’s one of those things people know they need but have too many questions that they’re afraid to ask. Here’s a little case study to explain content marketing, its benefits and best practices to help you hit the ground running. Content Marketing 101 Content marketing is the practice of producing valuable …
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The Business Owners Guide to Public Relations – Inbound Marketing Style!

Inbound Marketing Public Relations

Public Relations – Inbound Marketing Style! Inbound marketing, the act of getting customers to come to you, goes hand in hand with traditional public relations activity. It’s an umbrella term for content marketing activies such as social media, blog writing the like, as well as SEO savvy strategies for attracting search traffic*. The problem with traditional …
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Five Quick, Compelling Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing

Aint nobody got time - outsource content marketing

Here’s how it goes – you build the most incredibly beautiful, functional website and bam, the client fills it with TERRIBLE content. Your clients don’t really understand the valuable role of content and assume “anyone can do it” – so their content is just plain bad. You’d love to provide content creation services but jeez, …
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The Definitive Checklist for Choosing a Digital Agency Partner

Digital Partner Agencies

What to look for in a digital agency partner (illustrated with naff stock photos!) If you’re a traditional media or marketing agency looking to partner with a digital provider, you may lack the digital knowledge to evaluate their effectiveness. It’s a digital jungle out there and there and there are a lot of snakes! Choosing a …
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Content Marketing Strategy 101 for Web Designers

Small Business Tactics - Productive Procrastination

For web designers, it might be tempting to “chuck in” a content marketing strategy and a handful of Social Media Optimisation tools to increase your average sale.  It’s smart. It’s what your clients want and it cures their epic pain point: Online Marketing is So Confusing! Content marketing is something that your clients are actively …
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