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Does Professional Digital Marketing Apply To Your Profession?

Professional Digital Marketing for Microbusiness

“I suck at SEO and digital marketing in general.”  We hear it every single day from  micro-business owners and bloggers. Despite “sucking” their blogs thrive, the customers pour in, they’re so busy that they’re talking to us about helping with the nuts and bolts of their business.  Meanwhile other business owners are complaining about the …
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Home Based Business Grants – Key Information

$5K for Queensland Start Ups - Queensland Government Start Up Grant

The Queensland Government has launched  Home Based Business Grants targeting stay at home parents who’d like to set up a small, work at home business.  The grant will help parents with an existing small business or blog, and those with big ideas for a start up.  Ready to claim your grant already?  Get started in …
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Spammer Gets Schooled By Copywriting Group

This thread is now diamonds

There’s nothing worse than a spammer in a group – usually they’re just deleted and banned but check out how this group of copywriters chose to “school” their spammer!  It all started with an Incredulous Wonka meme and a hard sell pitch…..   Our spammer takes a hint and decides to edit his initial post …
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What’s Your Logo Secretly Saying About You? Logo Colour Meaning

What does your logo colour say about you?

  Contribution by graphic designer Marie O’Neill As a designer I adore colour. I love that a simple change of colour can completely transform a design and bring it to life.  For logos, every colour has meaning, The colours that I apply to any brand are carefully considered and the chosen palette is designed to …
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Local Marketing Checklist – Outsource Marketing and Thrive

Outsource Marketing Checklist

What do Tradesmen, shops, Dentists and Restaurants have in common? They need marketing but don’t necessarily have the skills or time to market their business. So, your admin girl/waitress/ wife is handling your marketing but your business isn’t growing? It’s time to outsource marketing to a professional. Outsourcing your marketing activities is an investment, one …
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What is a Value Proposition? Quick Answer

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

What is a value proposition? Your value proposition is the promise your make to customers about the value they will receive from your product or service. It’s about showing your customers the benefits that will come from purchasing your product. Value proposition template There are a lot of value proposition templates around – depending on …
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Content Creation: Small Business Tips

Small Business Tips

Content Creation: 5 Small Business Tips for Creating Content that Works Content Marketing is all about adding value for your customers by skilful, informative, useful content creation. Content creation can be as simple as writing a quick blog article about one of the benefits of your product or can be as complex as a full …
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Internet Based Business Idea? 10 things you should know

Internet Based Business Idea? 10 things you should know Starting an internet based business from the ground up is usually seen as a way to bring money in with few overheads. And it is….for some – not so much for others. To give yourself the very best start online, make sure you’ve considered these factors: …
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Promote Your Business For Free – DIY Public Relations

Small Business tips

This post is part of our Small Business Tips series where we invite experts from the Talk About team and from all over Australia to share insights for small business people.  This is a blog by Lisa Boyle, a publicist with 15 years experience. How to Promote Your Business For Free – Be Your Own …
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How Important Is Owning Your Market Position?

Branding and Market Position - marketing tips that could save your small business

You might say not very. In fact, more than two thirds of businesses have never even considered it and plenty of those are doing just fine. So when it is essential to really grab your slice of the market, declare it yours and defend it? Google print shops in your city (chances are there are …
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