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What Makes Good Quality Content (And How To Avoid Cowboys)

Quality Content Writers can make a massive difference to your business

Content writers – they’re everywhere right?  Everyone who ever did an arts degree is now calling themselves Australian content writers.  So what makes quality content writers as opposed to the wannabes? A quality content writer attracts audiences with unique, informative, engaging writing that also satisfies search engine best practices.   Great  website writing isn’t about …
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SEO Outsourcing – Navigating the Minefield

SEO and social media consultants

SEO Outsourcing – Navigating the Minefield Marketing’s moved with the times. The reality is you won’t survive in business if you’re invisible online. Search engine optimisation’s (SEO) the key to targeting potential customers and converting their visits, clicks and likes into actual sales. Too busy, stressed or lacking in confidence to DIY? SEO outsourcing promises …
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The Ultimate How-To Guide To Cheap Start-Up Marketing

Can you start a business from nothing?  Next to nothing?  Is it a fairy tale / pipe dream? Nope. I did it, I started Talk About Creative from less than nothing… I used the money from my first ever job to register my URL.  It’s not easy. Start-up marketing is not for everyone but if you’ve …
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SEO Best Practice – Update Old Content For New Traffic

Updating old content to make it evergreen - SEO best practices - turning your old content into a classic car for traffic

SEO Best Practice: Updating Old Content For New Traffic Got a blog or a business website? Well then, you’ve no doubt accumulated plenty of web content over the years. It’s about time you did something about your old content, and work with SEO best practice to help increase your website page rankings.  Update old content to …
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Preparing for Christmas as a Retailer

We all know that Christmas is usually a retailer’s busiest time – whether you own an online store or a shopfront, you will no doubt be working right up until Christmas Eve, helping out those last minute customers. Here is a timeline we have put together to help you prepare in advance and hopefully avoid …
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Putting the CRM into ChRistMas

CRM Christmas

Putting the CRM into ChRistMas Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum….that’s right isn’t it? Christmas is here again and it’s the time of year when people feel a little more generous, a little more giving and have a little more faith in human kind (except when in shopping centre car parks apparently). So, …
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Are You Using Groups on Facebook? You Should Be


Are You Using Groups on Facebook? You Should Be If you want to grow your business, build a community of followers and connect with those followers, groups on Facebook are a great alternative or complement to a Facebook page. Before we get into the nitty gritty of Facebook groups, let’s take a look at the …
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What is White Label SEO?

white label seo

What Is White Label SEO? White Label SEO is when two companies partner together to deliver SEO services. What this means for you, is that you don’t need to send your clients elsewhere for SEO content work. Offer your clients a complete package to include white label SEO services. It doesn’t mean you need to …
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How Writing to a Small Niche Means Becoming Influential Within That Entire Niche

niche business blogging

How Writing to a Small Niche Means Becoming Influential Within That Entire Niche Blogging for business – a foreign concept or a way to rocket your business into a crowd of raving fans? The concept of ‘blogging’ is no more about the daily school drop off or a newsfeed of dreamy photos from an eternal …
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Instagram Analytics To Bring Huge Benefits To Business

instagram analytics

Instagram Analytics To Bring Huge Benefits To Business Finally, Instagram are providing detailed analytics for marketers called ‘insights’, giving access to follower demographics and post analytics. It’s currently in test mode but the goss is it will be publicly launched in a few months’ time. The new analytics on business profiles is reminiscent of Facebook …
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