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So your Facebook Post Went Viral… Now What?

So you're post has gone viral - now what?

Imagine you wake up and that cute little video you posted on your business page has suddenly had over 3000 clicks and 800 post reactions. Your little page has swelled by 400 likes and your organic reach is 62,000.  Most of all, since your Facebook post went viral, you’ve sold out of your hottest product. …
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Link Building FAQs

follow no follow

5 Top Tips For Acquiring Quality Links Acquiring quality links is important for SEO but it can be a long and complex process. Here are 5 top tips to make the link building process a little more straight forward while still focusing on quality links! Diversity is Key. Using a diverse selection of sources and …
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Copywriters FAQs

Copywriting FAQs

Copywriting Definition – Quick Answer Definition of Copywriting: Wording designed to persuade or influence someone. We get a few enquiries about copyright at Talk About Creative. We also get requests for us to copywrite websites. Then, the other day I asked the girl at our local graphic design and print shop who does their copy …
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SEO FAQs – Get Started on Small Business SEO

SEO and social media consultants

SEO FAQs – Where To Begin SEO is confusing, particularly for beginners, so knowing what is SEO and where to begin is all about learning the basics.  This is our SEO FAQs guide built from 8 years of answering client questions! Start with an SEO friendly website, learn keyword research and the importance of keyword …
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Copywriting for Health Care

Copywriting for Health Care

Healthcare copywriting must be factual, precise, and easy to understand. It must not breach current laws and regulations regarding the advertising of therapeutic goods and services. Medical copywriting is distinctly different from medical writing. Challenges of copywriting for the healthcare industry There are several challenges specific and unique to copywriting for the healthcare industry. These …
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Retailers: Bring Afterpay Into Your Digital Strategy – It Rocks!

Afterpay Logo - Afterpay and digital strategy

Afterpay.  It’s the miracle retailers big and small have been waiting for.  The sudden skyrocketing sales. The sound of buyer objections crumbling like Pompeii on a very bad day.  This is it.  Turns out all the social media strategy and SEO in the world couldn’t help you on this level. All this time, it was …
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Why Your Facebook Group Marketing Strategy is a Pile of Poop!

Facebook Group Marketing - How Not To Be Crap

Using Facebook Groups to build your business is super effective. Everyone knows it’s the best way to connect with new customers on Facebook. So you’ve joined “all the groups” and you’re ready to start harvesting new leads and getting your new enterprise’s name out there. So what do you post?  If you’re new to Facebook …
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Facebook Group Application Questions, Page Connections And So Much More!

How to add questions to Facebook groups for new members

Facebook Group Application Questions – How To Get Real Business Results From your FB Group Yes, you should be using the Facebook Groups option – if you aren’t, here’s why Facebook Groups are the bee’s knees for small business.  Once you’re convinced, it’s time to add the free Facebook Group functions to get the very …
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The Ultimate Grammar Crime Is Not What You Think

Grammar Police

Seeing someone use the wrong “their” in a sentence is often enough to get my eye twitching. Don’t even get me started on using “loose” instead of “lose”. I mean, they’re not even the same word! I could barely contain myself in my effort to point out their wrongness. But over the last few years, …
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Don’t Spend a Cent Buying Print Advertising … Until You Read This

Print advertising

Don’t Spend a Cent Buying Print Advertising … Until You Read This Whilst the whole world is moving to the land of digital (and for good reason), I firmly maintain that print advertising is not dead. Todd Sampson, on Gruen Planet, said it best: ‘Print IS in decline, but what will remain valuable in the …
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