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Google Live Posts – How Small Business Can Harness Their Power

Google Live PHotos Sharing

Google My Business has rolled out “Live Posts” for Australian small business.  We’ve all dabbled in Facebook lives, but this isn’t about video.  Live posts are image and call to action style posts that are created by a Google My Business user to alert customers of your current offers or events.  You can set them …
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Home Office Styling – Make Your Workplace Gorgeous

Home Office Styling

Home Office Styling – Make Your Workplace Gorgeous When you work from home, you aren’t governed by company policies on how your workspace should look. The design and layout of your home office is up to you which means you can be as creative as you like in making your workplace gorgeous. A home office …
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Let’s Talk* About Slacktivism on Social Media (*Rant)

Slacktivism on Social Media - a little rant

Right now, Australia is voting about gay marriage.  There’s a lot of “discussion” about it on social media.  When I say discussion, I’m really saying… shit fighting.  It’s social media.  There’s not much in the way of discussion really – there’s a lot of ranting, yes.  There’s quite a bit of name calling, there’s tantrums, …
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Can I buy REAL Instagram Followers? NOPE.

Should You Buy Fake Instagram Followers?

Short answer: No. Don’t trust websites who tell you it’s possible to buy real Instagram followers. It isn’t. You can buy influence over Instagram users, but you can’t buy Insta-fame. Why shouldn’t I buy followers? When you buy Instagram followers, your goal is to bump up your account to give the impression you are more …
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A Beginners Guide To Instagram Tags And Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags 101

Instagram tags and Instagram hashtags, are two very different things. Both are useful in their own right. Yes, you’re a bit late to the party but Instagram hashtag and tag best practice is simple to pick up. Here’s what you need to know about your hashes and your tags. What is an Instagram tag? When …
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How To Amplify Your Brand Reach

Want your products to go viral? Of course you do and you can! You have worked hard and spent countless hours creating a great product and a brand consumers can trust; so why aren’t your Facebook posts converting in to sales? Why aren’t your fans spreading the word? The good news is, it is easier …
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How to Get Started on Instagram for Business

Instagram is a mighty tool for business. There are over 400 million active Instagram users worldwide, sharing over 80 million images, every day. So, you’re late to this party, huh?  It’s never to late to get started on Instagram and it’s not as tricky as you think.  If you’re a long term Facebook marketer or …
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Service Business Pricing – The Struggle Is Real

Woman determining pricing for her service business

Ask anyone in an Australian service based business, the pricing struggle is real.  Putting a price on your time and expertise, that is right for the marketplace and right for your mortgage is the biggest struggle for most service based businesses in Australia.  How do you put a price on your experience in a marketplace …
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How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Get More Followers On Instagram

You’ve established yourself on Instagram. You’ve got your first followers. Now what? You need to take it to the next step. You need to get more followers on Instagram to be noticed. It isn’t difficult. Follow these simple steps and you’ll increase Instagram followers quickly. Give Instagram users a reason to follow you Take a …
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Social Media Marketing FAQs

Facebook likers now come packaged up for better market research thanks to Graph Search

Using social media for business Social media is an invaluable marketing tool for small business owners. When used effectively, social media can: Increase website traffic; Build conversation; Raise brand awareness; Create a brand identity and a positive brand association; Improve communication and interaction with your key audience. There are a number of social media platforms …
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