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Where The Wild Links Are – Attracting Organic Editorial Links

Organic editorial links - wild links and how to attract them

Contribution by Eva Lewis, professional blogger. Eva Lewis, Guest Blogger and Copywriter Brisbane

It’s the holy grail of link building – attracting wild links!  Organic, editorial links created by people truly interested in, and impressed by your content.  It’s the ‘TRUE’ factor that will increase your chances of having influencers link to your content – Timeliness, Relevance, Usefulness and Engaging. Add these to your inbound marketing strategy as well as some effort and consistency and the chances of attracting inbound links to your work increases.

Timeliness content attracts editorial links

Not every piece of content can be timely, but a lot of it can be. When a trending topic is fresh in people’s minds, related content does very well. Scour the web, read the newspaper and try to work a piece of content that relates to both the issue and your brand.

Relevant content attracts editorial links

Your content should speak directly to your customers; it should speak their language and address their concerns or interests. If you’re not quite sure what that is, ask them.

Useful content attracts editorial links

If you’re hoping for organic back links to your work, you need to write something that is worth linking to. Don’t go and write about something that has been done to death, instead write about something that hasn’t been written about before.

As with relevance, do a bit of crowd sourcing and ask your customers what content they will find useful. Alternatively, have a look at your metrics and see if there’s a pattern, is there a particular type of content your readers are gravitating to on your website?

Engaging content attracts buzz – and that attracts links!

Blocks of text can easily turn a reader off. Make your content engaging by making it easier to read. Avoid large blocks of text, use sub-headings and dot points. People need to be able to consume a post easily and quickly.

Don’t be afraid to use plenty of relevant visuals too and if it makes it easier to explain your point, why not consider using infographics. Engaging content is also valuable content. Readers who feel as though they’ve gained heaps of value from reading a piece of content are likely to be your evangelists, the ones sharing your content and linking back to you in their own blogs.

So now that you’ve made sure your post satisfies the ‘TRUE’ factor, here are other content marketing essentials to boost the attractiveness of your content:

  • Maintain a blog with consistently good content.
  • Write about a customer and then tell them about it. It’s likely they’ll link back to you.
  • Credit other influencers in your post. Let them know about it. Tagging them in a tweet can do the trick.
  • Use keywords. The more you’re found on organic search, the more people know about your awesome content and your chances of organic links increases.
  • Promote your content on social media (but don’t over promote).
  •  Link to others and they’ll be likely to link back.

Remember, it’s not about having hundreds of people link to you, it’s the few key influencers that make the difference.  Inbound marketing strategies rely heavily on quality content – are you doing enough?  Aggressive link building is soooo 2012, SEO today is all about organic, editorial links earned, not spammed.

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