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Social Media Marketing and Networking Services

 “When consumers were exposed to both search and social media influenced by a brand that overall search CTR went up by 94 percent.” Group M, 2012


Social media marketing takes time and skill.  It takes an in depth understanding of your market.  Social performance now tops the list of key indicators for search result performance.  If you’re not enjoying it, you could be doing your business more harm than good.

We create a social presence that not only delivers an online community but also real world sales!

So, what does your business need?

Social media strategy - from $720 .  

Social media mentoring - $595 per month.  

Social media management -  $595 per platform per month. 

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Cross Promotions and Content Development

Content Packs  - from $240/pack

Facebook Promotions - from $595

 Check out our Facebook Talking About This stats for one client, after just 8 weeks!

 ·        1710% increase in Australian fans

·        1247% increase in Brisbane based fans

·        2467% increase in Sydney based fans

·        1950% increase in Melbourne based fans

·       An overall increase of 1956%



Social  marketing and networking – what’s the difference?

Strategy. Talk About Creative, Brisbane applies a careful strategy to social media management. Our unique strategy focuses on building an online community for your brand (marketing) but also developing a network of referral partners and brand ambassadors (networking). This strategy leads to better conversions and stronger returns on your social media investment.  Leverage our network of high performance social brands to build a powerful, relevant presence right now.

 Social Services

  •  Social Media Needs Analysis
  • Social Media Training
  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Online community management 
  • Social bookmarking content
  • Lead generation and conversion strategies
  • Community expansion
  • Cross promotions and targeted growth
  • Networking
  • Content development
  • Analytics based Social Analysis

Stop struggling to find new followers. Stop wondering what on earth to say to the ones you have. Forget "Talking About This" scores and "Insights". Let Talk About Creative, Brisbane handle your social media marketing and networking for you.


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Facebook Cross Promotion - Expressions of Interest!

Interested in getting involved in a Facebook Cross Promotion?  We'd love to hear from you!  You'll receive lots of new, highly targeted, authentic fans!  Register your interest by completing the form below.  Don't forget to tell us your Facebook page address, number of fans, product and talking about this score right now.  Get in touch, especially if:

 You already have more than 500 fans (ideally more than 1000)

  • You can provide your "talking about this" score
  • You are in Australia
  • You are targeting 18-44 year old women
  • You sell high quality lovely things
  • You're happy to make some new contacts and have a blast!


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