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Small Business SEO and Web Marketing – Our SME Clients

 Small Business SEO Starter Pack with NO Monthly Fees

"93% of online experiences begin with a search engine" Search Engine Journal, 2012

Our small business copywriting is an affordable alternative to monthly SEO fees for micro, small and medium businesses. Small business SEO and web marketing is about getting the greatest results most affordably, so we take a completely different approach… the affordable one!

“I did everything you said to do and we powered through the Google rank on a few of our chosen keywords right up to page 1.” Lisa Abejja, Amberocks, Western Australia

Specialists in small business SEO

"Over 39% of customers come from search. There are over 100 billion global searches being conducted each month." Marketing Charts, 2012

You’ve probably been getting quotes upwards of $500 per month for SEO services, right? The thing is, most small businesses don’t need that much work done and in some cases, buying the more affordable (low quality) SEO packages can get you penalised by Google! 

  • We focus on quality over quantity, which protects you from Google algorithm changes and penalties.
  • We focus on the best strategies for marketing small business, so we can deliver a better product than many large creative agencies at a small, business friendly price.
  • We don’t sell spammy links. Spammy links drop off the Google index quickly, so you have to keep buying them month after month. It’s the SEO trap.
  • We encourage the use of social media for business development and small business networking for sourcing links – not spammy directories.
  • We provide strategic keywording and on page optimisation solutions especially designed for your small business.
  • We provide support when you need it.
  • Our web copywriting team is made up of experienced, professional online marketers, so our focus is not only to improve search engine ranking, but also to convert traffic into buyers.
  • We supply content driven SEO – just what Google ordered! 
  • Our writing services cover most small business communication needs, so you are spared the cost of employees and the risk of freelance writers or freelance copywriters.
  • It works.  We have helped many micro (WAHM) businesses to grow into small businesses, and small businesses to grow and grow.

"Do your business a huge favour and contact Dana today to see how she can help your website get to page 1 on Google...it is an affordable option that really does work!" Lisa Spalding, Sweet Dream Cakes, Melbourne

No paid ads. No SEO fees. Small business SEO with no overheads. Ever!


"70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results.   75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results" Search Engine Journal, 2012


The strategy is simple. A Talk About Creative SEO copywriter will prepare content for your website (or even just the home page) that is strategically organised and linked for optimum success.

Our team then delivers affordable solutions including easy to understand layman’s terms DIY small business SEO and small business web marketing guides. We provide real step by step instructions with authentic opportunities for increasing your Google rankings. Every step is simple – just a few a day will make a world of difference to your SEO. Buy one here.

“It’s like every question I have asked you over the last 3 months rolled into one document and then with pictures added, it’s great... It’s like a light has gone on for me. And so many examples." Toni Nightingale, My Teddy, Sunshine Coast, on our DIY SEO eBook.

All the hard stuff is done for you – it’s the affordable, effective alternative!

Small business SEO and web marketing needn’t burn through your whole advertising budget. Get started on the right foot and take control of your SEO with Talk About Creative.

Small business SEO and web marketing can be affordable. You just have to ask!


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