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Newsletters and Email Marketing

Why get your newsletter or email marketing materials written by Talk About Creative, Brisbane?


  • Get excellent ROI

  • Get a targeted message

  • Get the voice you need

  • Newsletters to urgent CTA, our Brisbane Copywriters can speak to your customers! 


For every $1 spent on email marketing, $42 is returned in sales (on average), making email marketing ROI the highest of any advertising medium. Talk About Creative copywriters can create strategic, expertly written email marketing campaigns for your business.  

OR… you can keep paying a fortune for Yellow Pages and press.

Email Marketing Set Up, Integration, CRM and List Building

Need Mailchimp set up and integrated into your marketing strategy? Need an email list kick started?  Need highly targeted leads? We'll help you to create a kickass email marketing strategy and to integrate it into your social platforms and website, and then devise the ideal strategy for populuating your list with highly targeted email addresses.  How?  A Talk About Creative Digital Strategy that covers all bases, on target and on budget.

OR....you could try radio, everyone listens to the radio, right?  

Email Marketing for Australia

Australian online customers are spoiled for choice and very discerning (some would say sceptical). The key to great email marketing for Australian audiences is honesty and persistence. Talk About Creative Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) copywriting targets your client or lead list to get the right message across at the right time, the right number of times. 

OR… you can keep paying through the nose for Adwords.


Direct Marketing

We provide writing services for direct mail (snail mail), marketing collateral and letterbox drops. We can co-ordinate your design layout and send the right message direct to your customers' letterboxes. Click here for more information about campaign materials now.

In an email or in an envelope, Talk About Creative, Brisbane offers direct marketing services focused on results.

The choice is yours!

Newsletters and EDM that are "on brand"- Talk To Us


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