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What You Need To Know About Running A Giveaway

running a giveaway

What You Need To Know About Running A Giveaway Want to run a giveaway on your website or blog? Do you need a permit? What about terms and conditions? There is a lot to take of information you need to know. Running a giveaway isn’t as black and white as having a prize and choosing …
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How do I upload photos from my computer to Instagram?

how to upload photos from a computer to instagram

How To Upload Photos From Your Computer To Instagram Instagram is a great platform to connect with your customers, not to mention FUN. However, Instagram is also a PAIN to use when you spend most of your time at a desktop or laptop – you can’t upload photos from your computer to Instagram directly and …
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My Top 6 Content Writing Secrets Will Help You!

Content Writing Secrets

My Top 6 Content Writing Secrets Will Help You! Written by Kell Kelly. When I began writing as a mummy blogger four years ago, I did not expect it to be anything more than my own little online community. My passion for writing has now taken me beyond blogging and I now hold a position …
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How to tell if your SEO is a Fraud


  Warning: Rant Ahead I’m sorry, I hate to rant.  I try to avoid it where I can  but I feel I must say something.  Right now “Recent” SEO providers are emerging from every dark corner of “failure town” to hock their wares on unsuspecting small biz owners.  So, I wrote a rant.   Is …
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10 Cheap or Free Photo Editors That Are Numpty Proof

Free Image Editing Software for Numpties

10 Cheap or Free Photo Editors That Are 100% Numpty Proof Don’t delete that image because it isn’t faultless, with a few simple edits you can create perfection! It’s not always possible to capture a flawless picture so photo editors are your friend for enhancing your images. Free photo editing software are popular among businesses, …
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How to Share from Instagram to your Facebook Business Page

How to share images from Instagram to a Facebook Business Page - Five Easy Steps for Business Owners

How to Share from Instagram to your Facebook Business Page Sure, you can share images from Instagram to your Facebook personal profile but what about if you’re keen to get them on your business page instead? You’ve been trying and failing to share images from your Instagram account to your Facebook business page – why …
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Analytics Real Time – Dots and Data Explained – One Minute Reads

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

Why smoke crack when Google Analytics Real Time is equally as addictive?  If you’re one of the desk dwellers, humped over a screen spying on users, here’s a few facts you might not know about Google Analytics Real Time. What do the Real Time “dots” indicate? As users enter and leave your site the map …
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How To Blog For Business – The Quick, Easy Way!

How to write blogs for business without sucking

Writing a business blog doesn’t have to be a painful trip down struggle street.  If blogging is on your “most hated task list” it’ll either get bumped to the bottom (and never get done) or it will bore the pants off your audience.  Here’s our quick guide to how to blog for business when you …
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Google Analytics Dashboards for Numpties

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

In just one minute, you’ll have Google Analytics Sorted! It’s OK to be intimidated by Google Analytics.  Google Analytics is so action packed and full of drillable data that it can simply end up in the “too hard basket”.  But what you need is a Google Analytics Dashboard that just reaches into that too hard …
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How to Merge Facebook Pages

How to merge Facebook pages

The Lowdown on How to Successfully Merge Facebook Pages By Eva Lewis We are going to save you from pulling your hair out when you decide to merge Facebook pages! We’ve put together some steps on Facebook page merging and have answered some commonly asked questions so your chances of a smooth merge are increased. …
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