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Link Baiting – Link Attracting Content Explained

Link Bait - What is link bait, how do I make my content go viral?

Viral, Link Attracting Content 101 If you’re a bit of a noob to online marketing, attracting links to your website though great content is called link baiting and is a key element of content marketing. Content Marketing is all about creating content that sparks conversation and sharing. The more creative and original, and the less …
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Google Analytics Goals for Conversion Rate GOLD

Google Analytics goals

Setting Google Analytics Goals for Better Sales Conversion Rates An increase in traffic conversion of just 1% could DOUBLE your profits!  How do you do it? Google Analytics Goals can show you how to increase your conversion rates in no time! Google Analytics offers goal setting as part of their tool kit and you can establish …
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A Bunch of Must-Have 100% Free Resources For Small Business

small business resourcs - FREE

A Bunch of Essential FREE Resources for Small Business Folk Has your password been compromised in your free email account? Have your images been stolen? Has anyone plagiarised your website? Do you want to build your own (quality) website? Do you need free, legitimate, legal software? Do you need free, reputable virus …
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Passive Voice Vs Active Voice

Grammar Tips passive voice

Toni’s Notes is a compilation of grammar tips usually written written by professional proofreader and editor, Antonia Medhurst. This particular Toni’s Note is written by Dana Flannery who is here to defend Passive Voice! Speaking up for Passive Voice This week we had a reason to open up the Passive Voice Vs Active Voice debate …
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Facebook Networking: 5 Facebook Networking Faux Pas

social media networking faux pas

Facebook Networking: 5 Faux Pas you’re probably committing Facebook networking is hardest at the start up stage. It’s hard to get new fans and harder to get quality new fans. But networking on Facebook is, really, just like networking anywhere else, except that the Internet sometimes makes us forget our manners! Doing the “real world” …
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84 proven ways to get more fans on Facebook

Get more fans on Facebook

Get More Fans on Facebook – 84 Creative Ways to do it! Enjoy this article, and if you get more fans on Facebook as a result, please feel free to do a shout out to Talk About Creative. If you think of a great, free way to get more fans on Facebook that we’ve overlooked, …
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Choosing Search Engine Optimisation Services

SEO Packages Explained

Choosing Search Engine Optimisation Services That Don’t Suck. The professional search engine optimisation (aka optimization) industry is mostly made up of SEO web developers, copywriters like us and off page SEOs. When most people talk about hiring an SEO, it’s the last one.  These are the guys who ‘build links” to your site. It’s kind …
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Advertising Copywriting not working? Click here for Tips

ERMERGERD Advertising Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips: Advertising Copywriting Copywriting not working? The most commonly overlooked step in advertising copywriting is market research. Examining buyer motivation is all about getting inside their minds and their egos and finding out why they’re purchasing your product. It’s vital to speak to them on the right level, with the right kind of motivation, …
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Persuasive Techniques In Advertising Copywriting

Poke or stroke advertising copywriting techniques

Poke or Stroke – Persuasive Techniques In Advertising Copywriting Persuasive techniques in advertising copywriting include everything from adding the testimonials of people just like you, to exciting your imagination with a titillating product that will deliver a better version of yourself. In most cases, a substantial percentage of the ad copy will be “spun” and …
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Images and SEO – Optimising your Photos for Search Engines

Image SEO

Images and SEO – How to Optimise your Website Images Bad news photographers, images aren’t SEO friendly.  Search Engines are working on it and getting better slowly but really, photographs are very hard for search engines to understand, being computers they have very little understanding of aesthetics. This is one reason that websites with a …
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