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Optimise Your Yelp Account – Get In Front Of 9.7 Million iPhone Users in Australia

Yelp Optimisation

With local search becoming hot property in SEO circles, you want to get noticed by large domains with good authority so they can direct traffic to your business. Yelp is one of these sites and by improving your Yelp optimisation, you can get more visitors to your website, increase leads, and drive sales. Yelp was …
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Putting the CRM into ChRistMas

CRM Christmas

Putting the CRM into ChRistMas Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum….that’s right isn’t it? Christmas is here again and it’s the time of year when people feel a little more generous, a little more giving and have a little more faith in human kind (except when in shopping centre car parks apparently). So, …
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Get More Comments on Facebook

Get more comments on facebook

Get More Comments on Facebook Start up struggling with FB? Click here. With Facebook Edgerank Algorithm updates turning busy pages into ghost towns, eliciting comments is just about the only way to grow your FB  reach.  Talk About Creative is here to share our top tips to help you get more comments on Facebook! First, …
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Business Structure Types in Australia – Don’t Risk Ruin!

Small Business tips

This is a part of our series on Small Business Tips written by both the Talk About Creative team and guest experts.  This is a contribution by Guest Blog by Gosia Slotala of Shelcom Corporate Services. Risky Business – Business Structure Types in Australia The four most common business structures types in Australia are: Sole Trader, Partnership, …
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Promote Your Business For Free – DIY Public Relations

Small Business tips

This post is part of our Small Business Tips series where we invite experts from the Talk About team and from all over Australia to share insights for small business people.  This is a blog by Lisa Boyle, a publicist with 15 years experience. How to Promote Your Business For Free – Be Your Own …
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Penguin Updates 101

Penguin Updates 101 what you need to know

Never has a penguin been so ugly! The Penguin update, like the Panda one before took the cutest, happiest black and white ways of doing SEO and turned them into some more complex and confusing shades of grey. What is a Penguin Algorithm Update? Algorithm updates are where Google changes the way that it ranks …
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Copywriter Training in Brisbane

Copywriting Training in Brisbane

Looking for a copywriter in Brisbane?  Click here. Looking for in-house training in Brisbane or South East Queensland?  Click here. Copywriting Training Options A copywriter is a person who writes for commercial purposes. Copywriters write advertisements, website text, sales brochures, email marketing and the like.  Traditionally copywriters were “Ad Men” but these days there are …
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Duplicate Content – How to Find it With a Plagiarism Checker

Find duplicate content

How to Check for Duplicate Content with a Plagiarism Checker Duplicate content is content that already exists in a search engine’s index. At best, the duplicate content will simply be awarded no SEO weight (publish too much and you could face penalties) but at worst, you could be guilty of plagiarism or other intellectual property …
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SEO Packages Explained

seo packages explained

SEO Packages Explained Talk About Creative doesn’t offer standard SEO packages per se, we offer Monthly Content Marketing designed with a long view and quality results in mind… and each package is built around the needs of the client.  This article is about content marketing’s cheap and nasty cousin (we all have one), the bargain …
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Hiring a Freelance Writer in Australia – Pay Rates, Quality and ROI

Hire a freelance writer in Brisbane

Freelance Writer Fees, Quality and ROI So you’re thinking of hiring a freelance writer or copywriter?  There are a few things you should know about freelance writer fees in Australia – and it comes down to investment and ROI verses a total waste of money.  So, worth reading on! Content marketing – SEO that is …
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