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Boost your business without the stress, outsource SEO services!

Outsource SEO and make it easy for your clients

One Hundred+ Articles Per Month – 100% Happy Resellers! We successfully use white label SEO to help you hit your target market. Page 1 Google rankings don’t happen by chance. It takes knowledge and industry know-how to achieve. We have the expertise to optimise your business online. SEO is intimidating, particularly for those in traditional …
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The Lowdown on Facebook Page Apps and Why You Should Use Them

change facebook page name

The Lowdown on Facebook Page Apps and Why You Should Use Them Facebook page apps have the ability to take your Facebook page to the next level. By customising your Facebook page with page apps, you can not only provide more to your audience but give them a bigger and better taste of your brand. …
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Instagram Shadow Banning – What You Need To Know

Instagram Shadow Banning - What is it and how do you know if it's happened to you?

What is an Instagram Shadowban? Shadow Banning is when an Instagram account experiences greatly reduced reach without the knowledge of the account owner. The account owner finds herself posting content that receives no engagement and has no notion that she has experienced a “shadowban”.  Shadowbans aren’t exclusive to Instagram, the practice has been in place …
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How to Recover From a Panda Algorithm Update

How to recover from a Panda algorithm update

How to Recover From a Panda Algorithm Update Google’s Panda update can pack a punch for unsuspecting small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Think you might have taken a hit? Find out how to recover from a Panda algorithm update with these easy steps. Prepare for a penalty diagnosis If you think Panda has affected your …
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SEO Copy and Content For Resellers

SEO resellers

Why Web Designers Choose Talk About Creative for Their SEO Reseller Services. As a web designer, you strive for excellence. You always deliver, and take pride in what you do. Here at Talk About Creative, we feel the same way. We are a Brisbane based team of committed individuals who are proud of our achievements, …
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SEO – Where To Begin

SEO - Where To Begin

SEO – Where To Begin SEO is confusing, particularly for beginners, so knowing what is SEO and where to begin is all about learning the basics. Start with an SEO friendly website, learn keyword research and the importance of keyword placement in your content. Discover your MOZ ranking, Google analytics figures and put these tools …
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SEO or Content Marketing?

seo or content marketing

SEO Vs Content Marketing – What’s the difference? SEO or Search Engine Optimisation involves various actions that are put in place to ensure your content rates well in search engine rankings. Content Marketing is focused on creating content that is relevant and valuable to a specified audience and influences the reader to take action and …
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Kikki.K and the Very Bad Day

SOcial media disaster - Kikki.K is a warning to all of us

Kikki.K is experiencing a social media disaster today.  The much loved brand has received some terrible press after it was shown that the enterprise agreement signed by staff is tethered to the industry award – meaning staff will lose their penalty rates when new legislation kicks in.  Kikki-K’s social media disaster will be compounded by the …
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Pages or Posts for SEO?

Pages or Posts for SEO

Pages or Posts for SEO? The short answer: Your key to SEO success lies with both pages and posts. Search engines don’t mind which you use. It’s what you do with your pages and posts that counts. Pages and blog posts can perform as well as each other if you play your cards right. As …
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Review – Compare Social Media Scheduling Tools

SEO and social media consultants

Need to schedule posts?  When you compare social media scheduling tools, the may all look the same up front but each has different features that suit different business models.  Building online communities, engaging, posting, tweeting, curating, monitoring and analysing content can be time consuming and overwhelming, especially if you’re juggling multiple accounts.  Social media reporting …
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